One does not simply write a blog post without a meme.

To start off, which may sound like a typical self-effacing comment, I’m not terribly good at writing about myself. Maybe it’s because I spent all of my undergraduate essays talking about someone else?

Ask me to write an essay about literature and I’m your gal.

Autobiographical things? Forget it.

So, with that disclaimer out of the way, here’s a not so complete list of who I am and why I would want to take an Edtech class in the middle of spring.

For context about me, I’m a mom to an (almost) two-year-old boy, Eoin. My husband, also a teacher, works at Leboldus. I, however, work at their archenemy, Campbell Collegiate (go Tartans!).

I am a political animal. Nothing makes me happier than a good election. In fact, my favourite TV show ever is The West Wing.If you can do the Jackal, you’d be my very best friend.

Photo Credit: Kelsie Lenihan via Meme Generator

In my spare time, I garden, but this weather is making that very difficult. What this weather does allow is more time for my other (English teacher-obligatory) love, reading. I can hear your shock and surprise now. I’m a giant book nerd. I literally wore out two ebook readers and am now on a third (so far, it’s holding up). I have a (not so active anymore) Goodreads account, which I find invaluable at helping me discover new books.

Other than that, my whole family lives in the Ottawa Valley, which isn’t always awesome, but it does make for some great vacations. (If you’ve clicked on the link, zoom waaaaaaay out and you’ll see Ottawa to the north and Kingston to the south.)

As for what I’m paid to do, I teach English Language Arts, by and large. I teach all grades in high school and honestly, I don’t think I have a favourite course to teach. They’re all my favourite at the time.

Onto why I’m taking this course. To be fair, it’s because I need EC&I classes to get my Masters. However, I’ve always been interested in tech. In high school, I worked at (the now defunct) Future Shop and that jump started my obsession over the latest and greatest. Unabashedly, I enjoy using gadgets and apps and tools. (Speaking of gadgets, if you want to be friends on Fitbit, let me know! It’s been a really cool, motivating tool).

I am excited to see the impact this class will have on my teaching as so many people have told me this series of courses revolutionized the way they approach the classroom and its environment.

Photo Credit: Kelsie Lenihan via Meme Generator