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My name is Kelsie and if you’d like to know more about me, I’ve got some introduction posts here, here, and here. (TL;DR I’m an English teacher who loves puns) It’s interesting to me to look back and seeing how my blogging has evolved over the course of my master’s.

This is class NUMBER 10! So I’m REALLY excited to get things rolling!


The purpose of this post is to outline my major project for EC&I 832.

I’ve decided to look at the app project, as a personal and professional journey into social media and good digital citizenship.


The apps I’ve chosen to examine span both my personal life and my professional life and there is cross over. I’m interested to see how these apps impact my teaching, my students’ ability to communicate with me in off hours (whether or not I answer them is a different can of worms), and how I can integrate these more fully into my current practice.

I’m going to be looking at Google Classroom (because I’m lucky enough to have access to GAFE):

Screenshot of my current/next semester classes in Classroom

How I’m using Remind and if I can use it better:

Capture 2
Screenshot of my classes for Remind

Finally, I’m also looking at Snapchat, which seems to be a popular choice. It’s easy to see why. Snapchat can be a very easy target in regards to promoting bullying, sexting, and any number of lesser desirable social media attributes.
But, I’d like to see if Snapchat has any redeeming qualities about it, what it does to protect its users’ privacy, and if there is a way to decrease incidences of bullying through monitoring.

My students assure me this is a pitiful score.

I’m looking forward to looking through all sorts of areas for these apps and I think it’s going to be a very practical exercise because I use these apps every day already.

Anyone else have experience with these apps?



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  1. This is my last course as well! I work on campus and was recently presented with an idea (no details) that we should use snapchat to promo our services. I am not sure what that could look like but maybe your project will inspire me as well! Good luck 🙂

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  2. Sounds like you have a great plan!! I have recently discovered where you can find pre-made or create your own assessments that students play like a game that you can assign through Google Classroom. Check it out!!

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  3. Hi again Kelsie! So jazzed to take another class with you! This sounds like an awesome project – I wrote on Brittany’s post that we often don’t get enough time as admin or teachers to explore all the resources at our finger tips so this project idea is really a gift, I’m tossed up on whether to take this route or another…if I join Snapchat I’ll add you! 😉

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    1. Hey! So nice to see you again too! These classes are really good for carving out time you wouldn’t otherwise have to explore something you’ve always wanted to try out.


  4. Looks good Kelsie! It’s hard to imagine not having access to GAFE in our system but it would definitely be a different world. I’m sure I’m not using it to it’s full potential as it seems every week or two I discover another feature or plug-in that I didn’t know existed. Excited to hear more as you discover.

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  5. Hi Kelsey!
    This is an awesome idea! We are so lucky to have access to GAFE in our division. In regards to the Remind app, I am not even sure if I am using the app properly. I feel as though I have not been giving it justice. I hope to learn more (like yourself) this semester. Looking forward to learn more from you.

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  6. Hi Kelsie! Congratulations on being so close to being done your masters!! Must feel really great. I am looking forward to following your learning surrounding the apps you’ve chosen to investigate. I use Google Classroom, but am always looking for more (and new) ways to use it in my classroom and to be a more effective user of Google Classroom.

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