Coding Adventure Part 1.5

As Alec mentioned, I am woefully behind in updating on my coding adventure.

I’ve been exploring some apps for coding, like Learn to Code with Python (which is shown in the gif below), Code School, Py – Learn to Code, and with Wing 101, which I’ve been using to “actually” code on the computer, not just on my phone.


Coding on my phone seems much more limited than on a computer, though it’s been much more accessible (I was waiting in my doctor’s office last week and was trying out these different apps while I waited — I mean, what else am I going to do??)

Along with the coding, I’ve been learning other skills. Like the gif above. I made that from screenshots on my phone using Google Photos. I’m also playing around with different screencasting programs. I initially used Screencast-o-matic and for the next videos I tried Screencastify. I can’t say for sure which I like better, but Screencastify will upload to my drive but Screencast-o-matic is just a tiny bit more user friendly.

But I digress.

Coding is a lot harder than I thought. I am having a harder time than I thought keeping up with documenting. Documenting doesn’t always happen due to time/place, but I have been trying different aspects of coding. I guess it’s time for me to settle down and finalize what I’m doing (spoiler alert: it’s a fancy calculator. I try and start it in my video)

Wish me luck as I attempt to finish my calculator!


3 thoughts on “Coding Adventure Part 1.5

  1. Kelsie, you are doing great. Python is a legit language and it takes a lot to learn the syntax and rules of a new language while also learning new concepts like if…then statements, do while loops, etc. I think you should be proud of what you have accomplished. I am looking forward to seeing your calculator.


    1. Thanks! When I chose coding, I had NO idea what I was getting into. I can see why this is an entire course in itself! It’s so frustrating trying to figure out where I went wrong but so rewarding when it works, first try!
      I’m really excited to see your Arduino project! Once I feel ok with Python, I’d like to try something like that next


  2. I think it is so amazing that you are even attempting coding. I feel like I could never get my brain to work that way, it just seems so complex and foreign to what we encounter every day. I give you so much credit for trying something so new and especially since you are working with a trickier software on top of it.


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