Reflection on Leadership

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This plan of introducing a new SIS aligns with my current leadership style because I believe how I lead is deeply informed by Critical Theory. I like to believe that I educate in order to eradicate systemic inequalities in a way. I understand that these inequalities are much larger than me and have been entrenched for a very long time so I must work at a grassroots level in order to effect change from the bottom up. I believe it is my duty as a leader to interrogate what we do, what we use to do what we do and see if there are better, more equitable ways to do so.

I also understand that I am constrained by many things, chiefly money. Changes of this magnitude cannot be instigated without the input of many people because of the constraint on other places it places.

In terms of leadership strategies I would employ, I think the most important for this task is democratic/participatory and charismatic. The amount of input required for this shift is immense and cannot be attempted without some kind of leader who makes this change appealing. Someone who can speak well, has a good rapport with staff, and can clearly articulate why this is necessary is required as a figurehead to start the process. As well, sustainable leadership must also be used as this will be a change that is around for, hopefully, a long while. There must be a system of distribution of responsibilities so that the corporate memory for this change does not rest solely with one person, i.e., the charismatic leader.

Leadership styles that would not help in the change would be autocratic or bureaucratic. These two styles of leadership do nothing to make the case for this change. Autocratic leadership runs directly opposed to the rationale behind this change. The shift in SIS is to promote democracy and collectivism in the school community rather than more top-down decisions.

Unfortunately, though bureaucratic leadership may not be helpful, it may be necessary in the background. This is a huge change that requires some knowledge of how the “machine” works in order to make this change effective.


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