I think, most obviously, the resistors will be teachers, parents, administrators, superintendents, directors, and Ministry staff who do not like change. Especially expensive change.I think this will be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. A strong case for the change must be made that includes detailed cost breakdown of the removal of PowerSchool, the cost of breaking contracts, the cost of implementation, and training. When PowerSchool was implemented, the board saved money by having teachers learn about the new system over the summer rather than using Professional Development time or other instructional time. I would promote this idea as a way to offset some of the costs involved in getting teachers used to the new system.

By providing cost analysis, it can be proven that a change, while expensive in the short term, can have many long term benefits. 

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Before the change is detailed, an explanation of the corporate history of PowerSchool should be given. There should be an emphasis on the lack of equality implicit within a program developed by Pearson. This alone should encourage a change, though there may be more convincing that is needed. As well, the results from the teacher survey could be used as further leverage that change is needed. PowerSchool has a reputation for having a lot of downtime and maintenance issues, as I have discovered personally. In my experience, at least once a month, PowerSchool is unavailable during school hours. This means I am unable to log attendance, as is my legal obligation, or enter grades. This causes mass confusion and frustration and adds time to the end of my day as I try and catch up. Comparing downtimes and maintenance schedules will help make the case as it would increase productivity to have a system that did not have technical issues on a consistent basis.

Source: Capterra

In researching the alternative I discovered, Alma, I found that one of the features not supported by them is Special Education. PowerSchool does support Special Education. However, I am not sure what is meant by supporting Special Education. I was unable to find out if this feature in PowerSchool means that IPPs are stored or that specialized applications are integrated. I have not used or heard of Special Education features in PowerSchool being used in Regina Public. As far as I am aware, student support is managed through CLEVR.


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