And so it goes…

Here it goes!

I’m Kelsie and this is my second tech class with Alec and Katia. The first was a whirlwind spring course that challenged pretty much everything I knew about technology and its use. The format of debates really showed me that there are no definitives in technology and education, that everything is shades of grey in terms of access and ability.

When I’m at work, I teach 9-12 English Language Arts at Campbell Collegiate.

I’m a huge English geek, and I think I’ve passed that love onto my son. As I’m typing this, he’s brought me a stack of books to read to him (current favourite).

oxford comma.jpg
Truth. (Source: Grammarly)

But, I’m not at work right now. I’m at home, enjoying my second maternity leave with my two boys. Having an active 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old keeps me hopping and drawing on all my creativity to keep them entertained during this long cold winter (thank you, Pinterest).

Almost 2 months old!

In my downtime, I’m a news junkie, with a special place in my heart for CBC as a kid who grew up all across Canada.

Source: CBC

I’ve also ventured into an unknown space: Twitter. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more often browsing social media than posting, so my resolution is to post more frequently to become a more active participant in the conversation. I’ve also begun to notice how Twitter can feed my news habit.

Because I’m on maternity leave and hypothetically have more time on my hands, I especially want to explore Google Classroom. Colleagues of mine use it very effectively and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to see what it can offer me in terms of making my life and my students’ lives easier.

So, this is me in a nutshell: excited to finally be trying out things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but always found excuses not to. The time is now!


7 thoughts on “And so it goes…

  1. This is my second ed tech class, too, Kelsie! As such, I can relate to the tremendous learning that you experienced in your first class. I’m sure that this will be no different for either of us! Maternity leave is the perfect time for an online class; enjoy the semester! Nancy
    p.s. I’m teaching ELA 10A next semester (for the first time in about 8 years), so I might try to pick your brain a little bit! I hope that’s okay 🙂


  2. I can imagine having two littles at home, i am working on figuring out my four month old, all while typing with one hand. I awkwardly managed to bf him and eat super last night ha ha. I hope you will share some of your Google classroom tips on your blog as I too want to dive in.


  3. Congratulations again on your new baby boy!
    I am the same way. I tend to browse social media, or retweet/share, rather than being more of a participant. Its a bit embarrassing to say, but it literally doesn’t even occur to me.


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